We recognize the importance of the fine art of expression to enhance solid interior design.

Art adorns the beautiful interiors of homes, restaurants, hotels, retail stores, office and outdoor public spaces that are being made by designers all across the globe. These pieces add aesthetic value and character, making your eyes wander and appreciate the charm of the space. From making a place look vintage and old world to modern and trendy; the art adds to the flavor and helps determine the look and feel of the space.

When someone is making a new home, there is a natural tendency to work with an interior designer who helps design the space depending on the sensibility, taste and dreams of their client. They help them choose furniture, soft furnishings, fittings, colors and so on. They determine the mood of each space and make it most comfortable for their clients to live in. This is when my company, The Artemist comes into the picture. We collaborate to understand our client’s needs and vision along with the taste, budget, style and media that they desire. We don’t only beautify walls; we create custom and statement pieces that are useable in the home on an everyday basis.



The painting is a beautiful piece by the artist, ARJUN BHATTACHARYA. The wall art adds a vibrant punch of hues to the residence’s living space. It examplifies
how a piece of art can simply enhance the look of an entire area.