Our creative vision can be seen in some of the most iconic commercial and hospitality environments.

The Artemist has commissioned several pieces for commercial spaces to enhance the aesthetic value of the place. The interiors of a restaurant or retail store are determined by the cuisine or style of their stock. A Chinese restaurant will have artwork influenced by the Asian culture to enhance the ambiance and set the mood, while a multi-designer store will have separate expectations to beautify their walls. We work with these fun themes to push the space visually and bring fresh dimension and depth.

The Artemist has also also worked in commissioning pieces for work spaces. The aim is to enhance the vibe of the space and at the same time not take away from the main functionality. Our art pieces in these work spaces have played a key role in contributing to the overall branding of the company. The colors and themes of the artwork give a clear and effective message about the USP of the company.



The painting is a beautiful piece by the artist, ARJUN BHATTACHARYA. The wall art adds a vibrant punch of hues to the residence’s living space. It examplifies
how a piece of art can simply enhance the look of an entire area.